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☼ This event will begin on June 7th-July 5th
☼ Set up : May 28 – June 5th.
☼ Opening the 7th June at 12pm SLT.


☼ Hello Sunshine, is a private event in which we will select only the best 60 designers in Secondlife to participate.
<10 Sponsors, 50 Regular Spaces.>

☼ Rules: We will select 60 Designers with the agreement that the event is themed around pastel colors. We want a light airy summertime feel.

PASTEL COLORS CHART : Click here to see chart

(While Black is included, we do hope that you will limit the use of it, We all know that black is our staple color… everyone loves it, But we want to keep it colorfull. Black is allowed just make sure you dont do 10 little black dresses and avoid the theme.)
-You may Also Use patterns in your designs, keeping the pastel/coloful theme in mind.)

☼ Payment/Pricing/PrimCount.
-Sponsors selected for this event will pay a fee of 4500L for 150 Prims
-Regular spaces will pay 1999 for 85 prims.
-All Payments should be sent to 􀀄-
(More prims may be available at the time of set up, please contact Kenadeecole if you need more)

☼You may use current store items in the event along side your 2 exclusives however they must also flow with the theme of the event.

☼ Scripts-
The only scripts allowed in your spaces are as follows:
This is to reduce the lag during the event and any other scripts will be returned. (if you are unsure please feel free to contact Maelynda resident or Kenadeecole about your item in question)

☼ Designers ( Skin / Hair)

Hair Designer: While Pastel’s are our theme we Do understand that hair comes in several other NON PASTEL colors, Brown, Blonde, Red, and Black will be permitted as long as it accompanies your pastel color options.

☼ Skin/Cosmetic Designers : Black liner options are a must we know, however please be sure to include pastel shadows, or lipsticks with your designs to keep inline with the theme.
ie.- No black lipstick.
Thank you all for your participation, We are very excited about this event, and to see all of your amazing designs! If you have any questions concerns or ideas please feel free to contact one of us and let us know. We want this event to be fun and profitable for all involved.

☼ Bloggers!
-Please fill out the application at the top of the page to be considered.
-You Must Notecard All posts (ONE NOTECARD) for the event and send them to Angelina222 Resident at the conclusion of the event.
-You are required to blog atleast one exclusive from each sponsoring store.
-You are then required at least one blog a week for the duration of the event that includes items from the fair.

hello sunshine render

♥ Your Hello Sunshine Team- Please Contact us If you need any thing.

KenadeeCole Resident, Maelynda Resident, Alexandria Enchanted, Angelina222 Resident, illy Miami